Age of Sigmar 2K Doubles Event

AoS 2k Doubles event.

2 players each bring 1k from whichever army book they like. the only stipulation is no team can being two of the same book. (ex. both players cant bring Blades of Khorne)

3 rounds 2 1/2 hours each

All models count as friendly for rules purposes.

Entry fee will be 30$ a team with all proceeds going to prize support.

This event will run in the Best Coast Pairings app, and List will be due no later than the 11th of March.

Best Overall Team (Most Battle Points)
Most Killy Team (Most army points destroyed)
Most Artsy Team (best painted)
Most Friendly Boyz (best sports)

Pre-registration will be required for this event, and the cut off date will be March 10th. limited to 16 teams