First Demo Day!

Hello, again, everyone!

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, we've got a demo day coming up this Saturday the 17th.

So what does that entail?

Well, from 10AM to 11PM on Saturday, Mike and myself will be in the shop running demos of all sorts of games we have available in the store, and anyone is welcome to drop in and try them out whenever they like throughout the day. Some games will be quick and players can drop in or drop out whenever they need to, while some games will take a bit longer and require you to be there from the start.

These really are a lot of fun, you know!

We'll be playing games like Star Wars X-Wing, Crossing, Spot It!, King of Tokyo, King of New York, Steam: Rails to Riches, Magic: The Gathering, Empire Builders, 1830: Railways & Robber Barons, Pokemon: TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, and more!
We'll have plenty to enjoy for all skill levels and ages, so be sure to drop by and check it out!
We look forward to seeing everyone here!
- Ian
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