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Family Game Night - Red Dragon Inn

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Welcome back once again for another installment of Family Game Night!


This week, we have one of my favorite games, Red Dragon Inn.

Celebrate another successful adventure with the whole party!

In Red Dragon Inn, the players take on the roles of an adventuring party just returning from another successful quest. Between the various expansions, all sorts of fun characters are available-- from Alchemist to Shaman, we've got the whole gambit of fantasy role-playing classes.

 To start a game of Red Dragon Inn, each player will take a character deck, shuffle it, and place it in front of them. Then, they set their Fortitude to 20, their Alcohol Content to 0, take 10 gold (you only get 8 gold if you only have two players, but you get 12 with seven or more players) and decide turn order.

Once that's settled, one person shuffles the Drink Deck, passes everyone a drink for their Drink Me! pile, and starts the game.

You start the game with a hand of 7 cards and one drink face down in your Drink Me! pile.

 On each of your turns, you start by discarding any cards you don't want to hold onto (you can also discard zero if you want to hold onto all of them), then draw until you have seven cards in your hand.

After that, you may play a single Action card. You can finish up your turn at any time by "ordering a drink" for someone, and then drinking the top card of your Drink Me! pile.


In addition to Action cards, there are a few other types of cards you will find in your character deck:

  • Action cards, as previously mentioned, can only be played on your turn and only once per turn
  • Sometimes cards are played only in response to specific things and usually affect something else, like cards that allow you to ignore a drink, or cards that stop someone from ignoring a drink
  • Anytime cards, as the name suggests, can be played anytime. 
  • Gambling cards can only be played during a round of gambling, with the exception of Gambling? I'm In! which can start a round of gambling
  • Cheating cards can also only be played during a round of gambling

So how do you win a game of Red Dragon Inn? It's quite simple: just be the last one standing!

At any time, if your Fortitude and Alcohol Content are the same, you fall unconscious and get thrown out of the inn. Additionally, if you run out of gold (outside of a round of gambling) you are thrown out of the inn as well. In order to win, just be the last person left in the inn.


Now that you know more about Red Dragon Inn, be sure to join us on Thursday between 6PM and 9PM to try it out.

We look forward to seeing everyone here!

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