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Family Game Night - Fluxx

Ian Finley Events Family Game Night Fluxx

Hello, once again, everyone!

After a successful run of our first Family Game Night, we are pleased to announce the next FGN game of the week: Fluxx!

The game with ever-changing rules

For those of you who haven't heard of it before now, Fluxx is a fun, silly card game which grows and changes as you continue to play.

The initial rules are very simple: every player starts with 3 cards, and each turn you will draw one card and then play one card. Keep this in mind, because if all the other cards are removed, this is what you come back to!

However, as each person plays their card, the rules of the game start to change, all thanks to the yellow "New Rule" cards. These cards can do anything from changing how many cards you draw each turn to changing all instances of the roman numeral "1" to "2", or even adding a maximum number of cards you can have in your hand!

In addition, you will also find a number of blue "Action" cards, which can be played to do all sorts of crazy effects.

All this is great fun, but how does one win a game of Fluxx? It's very simple: have the right Keepers in front of you to match the current Objective.

Keepers are green cards with some manner of object or concept depicted, such as milk or time or cookies, meanwhile Objectives are pink cards which have a list of keepers required to win. The important part is that the instant that someone has the correct set of keepers, that person wins the game!

Pretty simple, right?

The amazing thing about the game of Fluxx is that, due to its simplicity, it can be flavored with almost anything -- and the game designers at Looney Labs have done just that!

Holy mackerel, Batman! It's a Batman card game!This is all rather a bit silly, isn't it?It's got the whole Cartoon Network crew!It's kind of a Wash.

Many of our favorite series have been licensed as official versions of Fluxx, with each one being carefully designed to feature all the most important characters, jokes, and concepts from the respective IP. In addition, there are also versions of Fluxx for a variety of other things-- Cthulhu Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Drinking Fluxx, Math Fluxx, and even more coming out all the time!

There's a version of Fluxx out there for everyone, so be sure to come in Thursday, July 13th to try it out!

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